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Having said that, royalty and confidence is not all that kings and princes stand for. There are other qualities and attributes as well. The more notable ones are wisdom and intelligence in times of need. It's another great aspect that defines a king, queen, prince, or princess, and it can be strongly associated with purple bedding as well. Owning a bedding set in purple would help you to feel that you more wise if you happen to be someone who has a lot of decisions to make. This is another great confidence booster and is further suitable for the decision makers of the house.

Last week I accompanied my news reporter friend to a seminar organized by a Baby Care Organization. It was mainly on Baby-Safety. An estimated 2, 500 new born babies die every year. The researchers found that many SIDS are caused due to suffocation by extra accessories like pillow, blankets etc. Here I'm presenting the views of expert pediatricians about crib sets for new parents.

You will also need to check with the parents to see what type of crib has been purchased. Some colors go best with certain finished cribs. Also, others will convert to toddler beds, daybeds or full size beds and you will want to coordinate the bedding set to make the overall theme of the room.

Duvets and comforters have the same basic function. They are designed to keep you warm as they trap warmed air and prevent it from being lost at night. There are some differences between the two, however. A duvet is often filled with down and a comforter is often filled with fibers that are either natural (such as silk) or synthetic. A duvet is placed inside a cover so that it is protected as it is often used without sheets. Comforters have a decorative fabric outer shell that is not intended for use inside a cover. It is often used with sheets so that it does not need frequent washing.

As you begin your search, the most important thing you need to look for among the boys Bedding sets is comfort. It's best to go with something that is made up of cotton so that it remains smooth and soft to the touch and won't cause any other unwanted allergens on your baby's skin. Aside from the fabrics, make sure that the texture is none too fibrous so that you don't run the danger of getting your baby boy to inhale these little bedding components. Its also good to consider products that are hypo-allergenic so you can add more safety to your baby boy as he sleeps.

I knew that I wanted to go with bay animals for my son's nursery. I fell in love with a sage green color for the walls of the room and I really choose the bedding around that. I knew that I wanted the room to be the sage green so I started to look for a theme that would incorporate the earth tones. Greens, browns, tans, even a little yellow were the main colors of his nursery.

When choosing a crib set you should not skimp on quality: your baby's health and safety may be at stake. That being said, there are many designer crib sets available today at reasonable rates. Of course, the crib will be a day care center, especially the crib bedding.