Major Features Of A Ghost Writer

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- Do thorough research
- Write on a variety of topics
- Write in a specific style or tone of voice
- Complete projects on time
- Maintain confidentiality

As well as excellent communication skills.

You always need to keep your client in the loop. The longer the project takes the more you’ll need to update them on its progress. This process can be much easier if you work from a marketplace like Freelancer or, because they allow you to communicate privately with your client and set deadlines and milestones for deliverables.

You will also need to maintain a certain level of professionalism. Since you’ll be your own boss it will be your job to keep clients happy. Some clients will be wonderful to work with, while others may be a literal pain in the neck, but no matter the situation it’s up to you to handle it in a professional manner, because your reputation is a vital part of your success. As your clientele grows you will be able to choose who you want to work with and turn down those you don’t.

As a ghostwriter juggling assignments while looking for new ones will also be a big part of your day. You will be wearing many hats. Along with the writing you will also need to be head of marketing, a project manager, chief financial administrator and in charge of customer support. So it’s important to stay organized and manage your time effectively.

It can be challenging to say the least, but also a very rewarding way to make a living for anyone who loves to write and enjoys the freedom to work according to their own time schedule.

That's it for today. We have a lot to go over in the next few days, so make sure you look for your next lesson soon. We will be talking about how to find jobs and start making money as ghostwriter.

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