Introducing Your Significant Other to Nudism By Nudie Lee

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The Best Way To Go About Introducing Your Significant Other to Naturism:
We've got a new feature here on the Nudist Portal site! Writer, guidance expert and good buddy of FKK, Nudie Lee is here to answer your questions on how to balance your life and relationships.
To get things started this Valentine's Day, we asked people on Facebook what they struggled with.
Naturist Couple
"I'm a naturist and want to bring my non-naturist partner to some nude events. What's the best method to support him/her to come along?"
That's fantastic! The tricky part, as you might understand, is encouraging your significant other to participate. A few factors come in play.
Has your partner repeatedly shot down all invitation to preceding events? black girls on beach to share every waking minute with our special someone, but see the bare events as your you-time, like going to the gym.
In any other event, pick your events sensibly. For your first outing, try locating somewhere where clothing is optional. It'll ease your partner into the nudie world, along with reveal them just how easy going a naked event is. Most non-nudists were raised in families where nudity was qualified as awful and brought up in a culture where nudity equals sex.
Simply make sure you listen carefully to your partner's concerns and do not attempt to preach the benefits of nudism to someone who doesn't comprehend it. At the heart of it all, the two of you're together for reasons far beyond your kinship to nudism. Perhaps just begin by sharing ! ,
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