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When many dogs and cats consume the same food for extended periods of time, they show signs of intolerance to food protein sources. Some of these symptoms include itching of the skin and feet, chronic indigestion such as gas, loose stools, or frequent vomiting. Of course, prevention is the best medicine, and one way to prevent the development of protein intolerance is to switch to three or four different diets with different protein sources. For example, eat food that contains beef as a protein source and look for chicken and fish. This provides a more complete diet with various amino acids.
If your veterinarian has a history of food allergies, your pet may have been given unique proteins and carbohydrates. These are sometimes called "new" proteins or carbohydrates. Unique proteins are proteins that have never been exposed to pets. The sheep and rice diet was initially a popular choice, but over time the formula has become very popular and many pet food manufacturers have begun to incorporate it into their product lines. As a result, at some point, most dogs and cats kept sheep as a source of protein.
Pet food companies are recognizing the need for these unique prescriptions and are witnessing the growing pet food market, increasingly with an incredible variety of sources and different types of "allergic" foods Producing exotic proteins. These protein sources include ducks, rabbits, herring, game animals, and even kangaroos. This is useful when pet owners have to find a unique protein source for their pet. As a warning, do not give your pet all available protein. If you want to feed your pet a low protein diet, your options are limited.
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If you are a pet owner and want to find new sources of protein in your pet, read the label carefully. Many pet foods are labeled to suggest unique proteins such as games, but can also contain other protein sources such as eggs and chicken. It is best to look for food specifically designed for sensitive pets. California Natural, Wellness Simple Food, Natural Balance Allergy Formula, or Weisson Anergen are good examples. Many companies also offer 95-100% canned meat containing a variety of unique protein sources. Innova EVO offers, for example, ducks and venison. Another thing to look for in a premix is ​​ingredients such as alfalfa and other cereals. These can also affect food allergies.
Switching your pet to a low-protein diet can take up to 12 weeks to determine if it is beneficial, but only 4 to 8 weeks can improve. Once your pet has found an acceptable protein source, it is recommended that you look for at least one protein that can be processed to change the protein source in your diet. This is recommended because most pets that are sensitive to food intolerance are more likely to develop extra sensitivity. This makes it more important to circulate food protein sources.
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Just because a pet can have a food allergy that requires a restricted diet, does not mean that the delicacy has to go on the street. As a pet owner, you can pamper your buddy because there are many products specifically designed for food-sensitive pets. Plato Smart strips are perfect. Delicacies such as duck, salmon and kangaroo are offered. Another great option is simply a jerky natural bite or its braid. Freeze-dried meat dishes are also very effective.
Another common cause of feed allergies is cereals. Some pets have a cereal or protein allergy. For pet owners who have pets with protein allergies in addition to protein allergies, the spread of non-cereal foods can be a blessing. The problem is that many non-cereal foods provide unique sources of protein, such as ducks, bison, venison, and salmon. However, they are often combined so that pets are exposed to multiple protein sources. Pets can tolerate these unique proteins well, but if you later need to keep your pet on a restricted diet, limiting your choices will limit your choices. These more exotic protein sources are often combined with more common sources such as turkey, chicken, and beef. Therefore, read the label carefully.
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Keeping pets that suffer from food allergies requires a little more research and care on the part of the pet owner. However, with the availability of unique sources of protein and a variety of "allergy preparations", it is relatively easy to find two or three protein sources that are acceptable to pets.